Forest Everett Henry Caine, Rescued November 4, 2013, Toronto, Canada

Dr. Robert S. E. Caine, Ph.D. earned his Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Toronto.  He focused his studies in the areas of Humane Education, Environmental Education and Ethics, Animal Liberationist Philosophy, and Vegan Nutrition/Ethics; his Master’s Degree of Education focussed within the same areas of study.  His teaching experience ranges from elementary education to college level courses. Dr. Caine published his first book, Teaching Compassion: On Behalf of the Animals, in 2015. He has also published several academic articles addressing topics of animal liberation, teaching compassion, and creating a humane future through moral regard for our non-human counterparts.  Having lived extensively in both California and Ontario, Canada, Dr. Caine has contributed his efforts within several animal rights advocacy organisations including In Defence of Animals, Toronto Pig Save, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Toronto Vegetarian Association, as well as several farm animal sanctuaries and humane societies and animal shelters; he also served as the keynote speaker for Toronto’s first March to Close All Slaughterhouses.  Dr. Caine currently serves as an Editorial Board Member for the Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) and as Editor-in-Chief for Waterhill Publishing. He is whole-heartedly dedicated to liberating animals from current oppressive environments and he has adopted over a dozen companion animals from shelters, rescue organisations, and dire situations.  Dr. Caine currently resides with his companion animals: Sonoma, Berkeley, and Forest.

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